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How Important Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is an extremely serious and real problem affecting more and more people every single day. It is a form of fraud, which includes taking your money or your personal information to gain a profit at your expense. There are a number of ways that an identity thief can use to steal your identity, such as using your credit card information to purchase luxurious products and services, or perhaps use your name to create bank accounts and take loans. The worst part is that you realize that your identity being stolen after the damage has already been done. Hence, hiring the services of a reputed identity theft prevention service is extremely crucial. Keepmyid is best identity theft protection service provider as they don’t offer monitoring, but instead prevent you from being a victim.

Identity Theft Prevention

Most services just offer credit monitoring, so do yourself a favor and don’t sign up for them as all they will do is tell you that you have fallen prey to id theft. Keepmyid goes one step ahead and offers a service that prevents identity theft and covers all form of identity thefts. Most services only offer financial ID theft protection, but Keepmyid provides ID theft prevention from tax fraud, employment fraud, family fraud and others.

Keepmyid provides preventive services such as fraud alerts, credit freezes, credit reports, etc. Along with that, they also appoint an attorney to act as your personal representative from the first day of hiring their service. Be cautious of services that don’t provide an attorney as they are simply a monitoring service. We also give you fraud alerts for your accounts every 90 days, and alerts are the key tool for financial identity theft prevention.

Keepmyid services costs $11 for financial protection and $17 for complete ID theft prevention. A lot of people would go in for financial protection, which is the highest threat. In spite of this, getting overall protection is the right thing to do, even if it’s not the most profitable one. The FBI reports says that it will approximately take around 330 hours to clean up all the mess left behind by the identity thief. Keepmyid will offer a case worker who will complete all of the work for you and not just some part. We will let you know regarding the most widely used frauds and scams and educate you in different ways so that you can avoid getting your identity compromised. So, avail of our services right away and prevent you from becoming the next victim to this heinous crime.


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